Legion Kolibri Mini

Good day everyone, last week I took delivery of some items from our new stock, one item, in particular, is the Legion Kolibri mini.
Its manufacturer specifications are a maximum of 400 lumens in its turbo mode and 2 lumens in its eco-friendly mode, it boasts a powerful white light via its main beam but also features a lantern side light that has a strong handy magnet at the kolibri mini’s base that allows you to use the side light mounted to any metallic object such as a workbench, the underside of your bonnet while working on your engine or even the underside of your car. The kolibri mini is also IPX4 waterproof so you stick it in between your teeth when you don’t have a hand free to hold the light. The Kolibri mini is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand but that doesn’t stop it from illuminating objects at around 50 meters away, this wasn’t a marketed feature but a noteworthy one that I found out when playing around with this powerful little torch, they weren’t kidding when they said that dynamite comes in small packages.

not only does the kolibri mini have a powerful main torch beam but it also has some practical modes such as White or red strobe lights, the red and blue emergency strobe light (for legal use only), and a small UV light.

The Kolibri mini has a Lithium Polymer 260mAh battery built in that is rechargeable via type-C and comes with an included type-C charger and has a keyring with a clip so you can attach it to your keys or belt loop.

All in all, the Kolibri Mini is the best torch I’ve ever owned, I haven’t seen a torch so small but so powerful and I can only say that I am very impressed